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What are

Peptides put prevention first and treat chronic pain and disease up stream, unlike traditional approaches that respond to an already present painful or dysfunctional process.

They are amino acid sequences that are signaling agents your body is familiar with that allow our cells to talk to each other. Peptides mimic our natural signaling agents, which means very few side effects and tolerance compared to many drug therapies. They produce a physiologic response the body is used to, not a supraphysiologic response seen with drugs that carry side effects related to the excessive, supraphysiologic response. Peptides allow our cells to function as they were designed to prior to the effects of negative stressors (various disease states, poor diet, age etc).

Peptides have been around since the 1920s when the peptide insulin was discovered and changed medicine as we know it. Many drugs have side effects and broad effects while peptides target cells so specifically, are recognized as native by the body and therefore don’t produce an immune response. When used correctly, they have excellent safety, tolerability and efficacy profiles in humans.

Why are they
so well tolerated

They are natural signaling agents the body is familiar with!

Why use peptides to optimize function:

  1. Peptides support the immune system to fight off the proinflammatory state.
  2. Optimize mitochondrial function and cellular efficiency… naturally signal the cells to do what they were designed to do efficiently and keep inflammation under control.
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In a nutshell, disease and imbalance starts at the cellular level, and the goal with peptide therapy is to improve how the cell functions. Peptide therapy is rooted in a deep understanding of cellular medicine, and looking at the root of body functions that affect your life.

Why choose
Treasure Valley Pain Center?

A SSRP educated provider!

  1. SSRP’s approach to regenerative medicine teaches providers to look at disease differently, focusing on disease reversal and prevention through lifestyle, genetic and biochemical factors to impact each patient at the cellular level. By understanding each person’s unique complexity at the cellular level, we effectively improve patient outcomes not just treat symptoms.
  2. Unique protocols based in cellular medicine are essential for safe and effective therapies that minimize adverse events…Basic protocol errors will hurt your chances for the best outcomes if you aren’t selective about your regenerative provider.
  3. Proper training is ESSENTIAL to avoid common errors that would waste time, money and hope. Specific combinations of medication, supplementation and lifestyle factors optimize function and quality of life…knowledge obtained through a thorough understanding of functional, root-cause based interventions.

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Growth Hormone Peptides- The Master Hormone

What we need to know about our master hormone, Growth Hormone, and how to restore it’s benefits

  1. Widespread GH receptors mean widespread influence: significantly improves cognitive functioning, decreases fat tissue, increases muscle protein synthesis (reduced sarcopenia), decreases insulin resistance, increased bone density and many other metabolic benefits that result from improved mitochondrial function.
  2. Aging and many disease states cause decreased natural GH production, which in turn leads to more degenerative, metabolic disorders and a proinflammatory state.
  3. While GH is important, taking exogenous GH has many harmful effects and actually worsens mitochondrial function, cell senescence and numerous other effected related to a proinflammatory state due to much higher than physiologically normal amounts of GH
  4. The Solution: Peptides that naturally mimic your own signals to produce and release GH naturally: growth-hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) & growth-hormone releasing peptides (GHRP). Benefits of GH peptides include (among many others):
    1. Optimize fat cell oxidation (you get leaner) while building muscle tissue
    2. Optimize cellular metabolism (oxidative phosphorylation)…Improved mitochondrial function
    3. Restore insulin receptor signaling and act with GLP-1
    4. Improved cognitive function
    5. Reduce glial inflammation (reduced neuroinflammation…important with chronic pain!!)
    6. Improved immune function & decreased inflammation
    7. Improved deep and REM sleep
    8. No negative affect on your natural hormone production since you are using your own body’s signals to increase and release your own GH.