Hormone Optimization

Male and Female
Hormone Optimization

-Bioidentical hormones combined with diet/exercise advise to maximize hormone effectiveness
-Improved mood, cognition, sleep and muscle gain (which prevents and stops chronic disease progression!)
**yes men and women need all the sex hormones just in different amounts**
-Improved physical performance, fat loss and overall well-being

Choose a provider with a complete understanding of your hormone function and is trained in comprehensive hormone care!


Hormone Therapies

  1. Hormone therapies to address the musculoskeletal syndrome of menopause: 80% of middle-aged women going through peri/menopause will experience the inflammatory effects of dropping estrogen, along with the increases in visceral belly fat…Hormone therapy can address BODY PAIN AND STUBBORN WEIGHT GAIN!
  2. Proper thyroid function is essential for maintaining metabolism and addressing visceral belly fat.
  3. What are bioidentical hormones and how can they help with weight loss and PAIN? They are hormones that mirror what your body makes and therefore have fewer side effects with optimal receptor response.
  4. Hormones MUST be addressed when treating inflammatory pain and weight loss.

Perimenopause & Menopause
Hormone Replacement Therapy

  1. Helping women thrive during their non-reporductive years…most Doctors self admittedly don’t have the menopause-specific training to address this overlooked silent suffering and source of significant mortality in women.
  2. Care of the mid-life woman MUST include a discussion on menopause by a menopause-trained provider. But WHY when this process is NATURAL??? Because there is overwhelming evidence that HRT decreases overall mortality for women but MUST be started within a window of time to realize this benefit.
  3. There are estrogen receptors in almost every body system in women’s bodies, affecting much more than we feel (hot flashes, mood and sleep disturbances).
  4. Remember: Estrogen and progesterone are anti-inflammatory and aid in sleep/mood stability.
  5. As estrogen levels drop, your body’s blood vessels and joints stiffen, risks of heart disease, stroke and DEMENTIA are increased, along with an accumulation of visceral (Belly) fat.
  6. There is a precious window of opportunity during which starting hormone therapy is known to most drastically decrease risks of heart disease, stroke, fractures, DEMENTIA…within 10 years of your last period.
  7. Hormone replacement is known to preserve cognitive function, heath health, prevent fractures and muscle loss that cripples women.
  8. Symptoms known to be directly caused by dropping hormones in women include:
    1. Belly weight gain
    2. Insomnia
    3. Depression- lots of estrogen receptors in your brain
    4. Muscle loss
    5. Osteoporosis and fractures
    6. High blood pressure
    7. Brain fog
    8. Hot flashes
    9. Joint and muscle pain-when you haven’t injured anything
    10. Frozen shoulder

Functional Pain Management addresses the root of mid-life issues to help women thrive during the second half of our lives!